[5] Eco-tourism in the Canary Islands

[5] Eco-tourism in the Canary Islands

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Last updated August 27, 2023

Conversation with Damiano Finizio

General Manager @Agüita house

In this episode, you’ll meet Damiano Finizio. Damiano is general manager of two hostels in Las Palmas in Gran Canaria. He will tell us more about the sustainable tourism certification Biosphere, the challenges that come with it and the evolution of eco-tourism in the Canary islands.
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Links mentioned by Damiano

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  • Don’t look up: Link
  • Ecodharma (book): Link

Raw Transcript

Note: This is a rough transcript that contains hiccups/typos. It could still be useful to the listeners that would like to come back to a precise point of the discussion.

Intro & Sustainable vision

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